Easy to use and fast.

CloudWS is a simple and fast service for delivering your messages to your client in real-time.

What is CloudWs?

CloudWS implements the server side of web sockets, providing an easy to use api for sending messages to subscribers.

Why CloudWs?

Sure, you can setup WebSocket server yourself, but if you are using CloudWS, then you only needs to create the channel, connect clients to it and send messages.
Buy the way, there is realy hard to connect WebSocket to PHP withoud CloudWS :)


We are using only SSL connections, never store messages and never logs messages.


Now - absolutely free.


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Client-side code
import cloudWS from '@cloudws/js-client-api';
  let subId;
  subId = cloudWS.sub(CHANNEL_ID, (data) => {
Server-side code
const CloudWS = require('@cloudws/node-api');

const cloudWS = new CloudWS(process.env.CLOUDWS_TOKEN);
const channelName = 'messages';
 * Express.js endpoint:
 * const express = require('express');
 * const app = express();
 * app.get('/getChannelId', processRequest);
 * app.listen(3000, function () {
 *  console.log('Server listening on port 3000!');
 * });
const processRequest = (expressReq, expressRes) => {
  const channel = await cloudWS.createChannel(channelName);
  await cloudWS.sendMessage(channelName, {data: 'New user connected'});
    channelID: channel.id,